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Cannot find stock some parts obsolete.

part NO Vendor VPN REF Vendor Note Response
10-88-1011 TP1-TP8 C317C470J2G5CA     Obsolete no replacment PN available 100 left in stock Remove from required list. (Omit these items ) Customer will install.
RPE122COG470J100V KEMET C317C470J2G5CA C14 Obsolete Cannot find stock Substitute: 47pf cap. Vendor Digikey PN BC1009CT-ND
or equivalent.(CAP CER 47PF 50V 5% RADIAL )
RPE122X7R103K100V KEMET C317C103K1R5CA C7,C8,C18,C29 Obsolete Cannot find stock Substitute: .01mf bypass cap. Customer will supply this part
RPE122Z5U105K50V KEMET C322C104K5R5CA C1-C6,C9-C13,C16,C17,C19,C22   Cannot find stock Substitute: .1mf bypass cap - Vendor Digikey - PN 399-4263-ND or equivalent.
227RM4050M ALLIED 50MR220 C34,C36   Cannot find stock Substitute: 220mf filter cap Vendor DigiKey PN P10398TB-ND (CAP ALUM 220UF 50V 20% RADIAL)
4764MR050M ALLIED 50MR47 C32   Cannot find stock Substitute: 47mf 50 Volt Cap. Vendor DigiKey PN P13464-ND or equivalent.
227RMR016M ALLIED 16MR220 C35   Cannot find stock Substitute: 220mf 16 Volt filter cap. Vendor DigiKey PN P5530-ND or equivalent.
BP04KE     S1   Cannot find stock Substitute: 4 position right angle through hole Dip Switch, Vendor DigiKey PN CT1954MST-ND
VN061OL SUPERTEX VN0104N3 Q1   Cannot find stock Substitute: MOSFET N-CH 60V 270MA TO92-3 Vendor DigiKey PN ZVN3306A-ND
LMC7660IN    U19   Cannot find stock Substitute: Vendor DigiKey PN LMC7660IN/NOPB-ND
CA3290E     U17   Cannot find stock Substitute: LM393N Vendor Digikey PN LM393NNS/NOPB-ND

Do we need to purchase all three PNís? PN Ref Note
TPR50471 LOCATED WITH Q2 Substitute: Digikey PN NC12MC0181KBA-ND THERM NTC 180 OHM 10% 0805 SMD
MAT02FH Q2 Board Position is Q2 Subtitute MAT01 Digikey PN MAT01GHZ-ND TRANS 2NPN 45V 0.025A TO78-6
VP0610L Q3-Q5 Board position is Q3,Q4,Q5 ZVP3306A P channel FET Substitute: Vendor, Digikey PN ZVP3306A-ND MOSFET P-CH 60V 160MA TO92-3

All Items listed here are available from Digikey and one item from Newark. Part Numbers are shown and Qtys are available at this time. April 14, 2015 Report created by Laird Griffing UDY corporation 201 Rome Court For Collins Colorado. 80524

Below are the responses for queries dated April 23, 2015

n/apcb1500bPCBCustomers Response
c15,c24,c37rpe122z5u105k50vInvalid MPN Replace C15, C24, C37 1uf cap Digikey Part Number 445-2647-ND
n/atpr50471Invalid MPNSubstitute: See Part Number above - TPR50471, Designation: Should be Part is near Q2.
q2-q5vp0610lNon-Stock Designation is Wrong! Should be: Q3, Q4, Q5 see ZVP3306A above
q2-q5mat02fhInvalid MPNDesignation is wrong! should be Q2. See substitute above for Q2

Availability / Lead TimeREFMPNNoteCustomer?
tp1-tp810-88-1011Customer To installAPPROVED
c7,c8,c18,c29rpe122x7r103k100vCustomer SuppliedAPPROVED
r16RN55C4320FB14300/Avail 12 Weeks AROPENDING
p5-8, p14-16,p183296Y-1-103258/Avail 7 Weeks AROPENDING
u1,2,5,8,9,12,13OP295GP182/Avail 3 Weeks AROPENDING
p-1-p4,p10-p133296Z-1-103128/Avail 7 Weeks AROPENDING

r16rn55c4320RN55C4320FB14Please VerifyPENDINGPN 97K5824   RESISTOR, MRS25 1% 432R Vendor NEWARK online.
z1lm285z1.2LM285Z-1.2RAGPlease VerifyPENDING Verified - Vendor Digikey PN LM285Z-1.2RAGOSCT-ND

Response Date: May 13, 2015

Designation VendorPart Number Description Response from Customer
R16Newark Manufacturer: VISHAY DALE Manufacturer Part No: RN55D4320FB14 Newark Part No.: 38C8511
C35 UDY CORP CAP ALUM 220UF 16V 20% RADIA Customer Will Install part - Remove from list
R50 UDY CORP 10 ohms 1/8 watt 1% Customer Will Install part - Remove from list
R7,R13,R14 UDY CORP 499 ohm Resistor Customer Will Install part - Remove from list
S1UDY CORP 4 pos dip switch Customer Will Install part - Remove from list
Q1DigikeyMOSFET N-CH 60V 270MA TO92-3 Vendor DigiKey PN ZVN3306A-ND Customer Will Install part - Remove from list
U6,U7,U14,U15DigikeyIC OPAMP CHOPPER 2MHZ 8DIPSubsitute Digikey PN: ICL7650SCPA-1Z-ND
U17 Digikey IC COMPRTR DUAL 0-70DEG C 8-DIP Subsitute Digikey PN: LM393AN-ND
R48 UDY Corp Resistor 18.2k 1% 1/8 watt Customer Will Install part - Remove from list
R30 UDY Corp Resistor 182k 1% 1/8 watt Customer Will Install part - Remove from list
R37 UDY Corp Resistor 2meg 1% 1/8 watt Customer Will Install part - Remove from list
S2,S3 Digikey Rotary Switch Digikey Part Number: CKC7005-ND (or other vendor) Verified
U11 Unknown IC ADC LP 3.5DIGIT W/LED 40-DIP One unit required per assembly..MFG Part Number ICL7137CPL Verified ( Any Vendor )

Componets have been verified as of this date to be available from Digikey.. Alternate Parts numbers specfied previously may also be used if prefered.