UDY ProLab Grinding System

UDY Cyclone Sample Mill Enclosure and
the World Renowned Cyclone Sample Mill

The Mill Enclosure

  • Used in Professional Labs (adds clean orderly appearance to your lab)
  • Noise Reduction
  • Dust Reduction
  • Cleanup Friendly (vacuum hoses easily connect / disconnect for easy chamber cleanup)
  • mill_enclosure_A.htm
  • Self Venting (powered, filtered internal exhaust fan)
  • Simple to use (two door access to prepared sample and clean up)
  • Beautifully Designed: Sturdy with superior hardware, will compliment any lab or store

The Cyclone Sample Mill

This system includes any one our popular models.
(3010-030, 3010-014, 3010-060, 3010-080P -
specify which model to include when ordering)
The powerful 3/4 horse motor produces a uniform particle size in a variety of materials. Designed to be adaptable to your lab sample grinding requirements with quality interchangeable components and attachments. Sample consistency produced by the Belt Drive Model is compatible with NIR sample testing.

UDY ProLab Grinding System

Mill Dust/Noise with vacuum system -- Part Number: 35-0497 Normally $1275.00
and UDY Cyclone Sample Mill Part Number: 3010-030 or 3010-060 Normally $4995.00
The complete system, everything you need to get started for only $5700.00

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