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Data Management

CGI software using flat files,
Form Data using JavaScript
for the professional
look and function.

In the Clouds

Order Status,
Customer Information,
Purchasing, Inventory
From quoting
to work order to Accounting

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Time to enhance your web presence! A Painless beginning I promise. Connect with Hello right now and be home for lunch. You know what I mean!
Hello Busy offers a ultra low cost and ultra low bother Web presents. Almost like a business card.
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Every business makes use of data. Orders, Client Information, Inventory, Appointments, Costs, ect. You already know the efficiency of a google search.  Your data can be found and displayed as fast and effortlessly as that. Add reports of activity, storage, backup, company wide access or not.
That's the kind of work I can do for you.


Here's how to start your site: Pay after you see it, no obligation! Take a hi-res picture from your smart phone for the main background page, it can be a picture of workers or truck or .. anything really. Also a few others and some ideas of what you want to say. We'll put it all together for you. We'll fix up the images and punctuate the text. We'll build enough of your new site so that you can see how it's going to look and work.

If you love it, I know you will, we'll continue to build your site after payment, crossing all the T's and well you know... It can't be simpler than that!

You and your I.T. will communicate by email or text - you give the orders, we will make the changes. All these services included in the onetime payment for the year. As an added bonus Ill add your site to so that others can search there. Note: If you use our service for changes additions and modification throughout the year, we'll renew your site with another payment at years end. No Obligation! Your site will simply continue until you are ready to movie it to your own domain. I.E. This offer does not include post or add to cart. However, they can be added at a later time. "Different pages" refers to the changing top portion. We are happy to quote any variance to this theme.

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Serving the web community for over 15 years.

  PHP - Mysql - HTML - CSS - PERL - JavaScript - XML -Ajax
  Data Management - Server-side and Client-side Scripting  
Hello, Thank you for Visiting! My name is Laird Griffing. I've been involved in web technologies for many years. I'd like to share my knowledge with you. I do that by honest business practices and focused effort. Please see some of the things here that may relate to your interests and let me know how I may be of service. Forward Arrow Home of Current Activity

1. Data Statistics:
Often businesses want to compile information on the data collected so that resources can be deployed effectively. I have written a lot of code to correlate raw data into meaningful analysis.

2. Data Management:
Every business makes use of data collection. Orders, client information, etc. Data management is software designed specifically for the consumption of relevant data. All software is written to enhance your organization for your organization.

3. General Office Apps!
Companies need to network day to day operations (data) - Like: Purchasing, Customers Information and Requests, Work Order Information, etc. Your company needs to be operating from within a network.. But, it doesn't have to cost a lot. Today you don't need a in-house server.

4. Web Site Development:
From Service Companies to Retailers. Code can be edited and changed by any coder. Therefore you are not locked into one provider.. We are available and pleased to quote any requirements.

We am available for your projects. We am not big business. We do enjoy this work.

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Image of Keyboard I continue to enjoy programming for the web.
Working with all this grand technology. Maybe It's what can be done with it! Today it seems that all devices have a browser of some sort and they connect to a network or directly to the internet - even gaspumps. Information can be collected and is available to any or select devices. Devices can be controlled and monitored from just about anywhere. You have to know, that's cool!

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Please contact me to get started: Post me or call or email or text.
I'll be delighted to respond. I can do Gigs, ( pay per quote) and subscription I.T.
Thank you for looking!