UDY / Alpha wishes to establish a qualified Rush Order Service, It will carry the status color of pink.

Example of Pink A customer may have a project that requires vendors to deliver on-time along with other specifications. Alpha Plastic and Design, being that vendor, will provide this additional special service to satisfy this requirement.

There is nothing complex about a rush service. The complexity is in the way we handle it. This writing will attempt to define the inner company workings of a "Pink Work Order." Like all policy, Pink will evolve to a service we can advertise.

The Inner Workings of Pink: Simply, Pink gives managers permission to spend company resources to rush and complete a 'pink job' on-time and to the specifications agreed upon. Additional cost may include: The costs of extra equipment, over-time, over-night shipping, Additional communication with customer (travel). Courier Delivery, Extra Tooling, Packaging, Out-Sourcing rush charges etc. Each manager is expected to respond quickly, to "approve" and act as if an emergency existed on any day of the week.

Pink will be the provence of the Gate Keeper.

What pink does not do is automatically override "approve" procedures.

For pink to work, managers must respect each others part. In one sense, Pink gives managers the power to act in an others place. In another, this power should not be used unless it is absolutely necessary.

For example: If a pink order requires material to be over-nited, the controlling manager should do whatever it takes to allow purchasing to complete this task. However, if it can not be completed on-time for whatever reason the controlling manager may act in purchasing's behalf and order materials tooling etc. In this case the controlling manager is responsible for procedural "foobar" such as duplicate material orders. etc.

Another example: If the production manager is unavailable or for some reason incapable of completing the pink job the controlling manager may direct production personnel to satisfy the requirements of the job.

In case: The Gate Keeper is unreachable a decisions to tag a work order pink may be made by the Production Manager, the owner, or administration. It is important that these other managers understand the procedures and the responsibility of the pink tag.

Note: When sales commits and receives money to provide a specified service, we are obliged to complete the job on-time regardless of inconvenience or cost. You can see that pink is a very powerful color indeed. And, pink can be expensive. It must be handled reasonability. It goes without saying that the Gate Keeper will never knowingly take a job at a loss, nor is it our intention to take advantage of the customers' situation. However we will pass along the extra costs of this service and charge for the extra effort it requires. ** At this writing the Gate Keeper is required to get approval from the owner to go pink but can expect a quick "go-ahead" in most cases.. This measure is to insure all parties are of the same understanding.

This writing is a preliminary draft of pink. The rules and procedures may change with its' use. All Changes will be available here. Good Luck with Pink!