Sample Products

Welcome to Alpha Plastic and Design. Below is a sample of
the kind of products we produce everyday.
If we can create this quality for others, we can do the same for you. And we will. The machining division is mostly geared toward prototype work however, we have a few productions items running and we enjoy working both.
Please give us a call if we can be of service. 1.970.482.0937.

Thank you for visiting Alpha Plastic and Design

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This is an Aluminum funnel with very fine threads at the bottom. This funnel was manufactured completely on our CNC Lathe.

The item to the left is the same program as above except it is running in Bronz. Both of these items are a little larger than a coffee cup. Ask to see them when you come in.

Here is a part made out of Aluminum. Notice the chamfered edges. This item is about 8in long and about 6in wide. it's really a great piece of work.

This is about 1.5 feet across and it's all copper. Alot of mill time in this one.


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