From the Offices of Alpha Plastic and Design

To the right you'll see clipings from the system
customer list. I thought you might find
a comparison of 'customer activity' interesting.

The top image is statistics for this year, 2012.
1015 Work Orders generated / processed this
year 2012. Divide that by 137 different
customers = an average of 7.41 orders per customer.

The next is in the year 2011
831 Work Orders generated / processed
in the year 2011 - last year.
Divide that by 175 different
customers = an average of 4.75 orders per customer.

The bottom is three years running.
2230 Work Orders generated / process in
the last three years. Divide that by 361
customers = an average of 6.18 orders per customer.

My Non-Mathematical Analisis.

  • The Economy must be improving - Companies are ordering more.
  • We must be doing a 'fair to good' job - Customers keep coming back.
  • 2012 is the highest 'order/customer'
    average for the last three years. 7.41 average is 6.18