Time card work sheet Help

The work sheet is arranged into five sections. Each week of the period is seperated into two sections ( AM and PM ) and the Summary section. The data on the time card is in the format 24 Hours and 60 minutes I.E. 13:24 == 13 hours and 24 min. passed midnight. ( 24 hour clock )

Time Entry
You may enter time card data in one of three ways. "13.24" or "1324". The decimal point will be added when the calculate button is pressed. In other words, if you enter "1324" and press the calculate button the number will change to "13.24." You may also enter time in 12 hour format as long as the same time format is used in both the IN and the OUT sections for any given event. I.E. "124" = 1 hour and 24 mins. passed 12:00 midnight or 12:00 noon.. Or 1.24 = 1 hour and 24 minutes. When using the 12 hour format the user should keep AM times and PM times in the correct column.

For fast entry of all IN and OUT times use the Enter Key to advance to the next time field.

Both entries (IN and OUT) must be entered for any given event. If you use 12 hour format for the IN time then you must use 12 format for the OUT time. Also, AM and PM events (that is: IN and OUT times) must be entered in order. The IN time must be a smaller number then the OUT time. If IN = 1324 then OUT must be greater. Example: IN =1324, OUT= 1623.

Remember the last two digits are minutes and cannot be greater than 59.

The alternate row can be used for addtional IN and OUT times during the normal work week or hours worked during the weekend.

Over TIme
Over TIme is based on more than 12 hours per any given work day and / or more than 40 hours per work week. Hours over 12 in any day will be calculated as Over Time and shown in the summary section. Also hours over 40 for the week will be add to Over Time.

Example: Tuesday = 13.24. The week = 34 hours. In this case the over time is 1 hour and 24 minutes.
Another example: Tuesday = 13.24, the week = 41 hours. The over time in this case is 1 hour and 24 minutes. The same as the example above. Regulator pay hours can not be more than 40.00.

Gross Pay Calculator
Regulator hours and over time hours are transfered to the "Gross Pay Calculator" when it is selected. The user need only enter the regular hourly rate and the Over Time rate. When the mouse is moved from the rate box the gross pay calculation is performed and the total gross pay is calculated.

Grace Time
Grace time is shown in each day's row. It is the number of minutes after the hour not to exceed 9 minutes. The user may input grace time or dock time as required. Dock time is entered with a - minus sign in front of the number. Grace time is added to the total hours for the week. If the weeks total is greater than 40 hours, grace time is added to over time. After the minutes have been entered in the grace field click anywhere on the form or select the "Calculate" button to add or subtract the grace times to or from the totals.

Summary Section

All data in the summary section is in hours format. (13.10 = 13 hours and 1 tenth of an hour. 6 minutes.) except the grace time. Grace time is entered in minutes not to exceed 59.

When all the data has been entered and the calculate button pressed, the user may calculate the Gross Pay by selecting the link shown. You may also print the work sheet for your records. Enter the Employee name, the period and the date and Select "File" and "Print" .