This document is "first pass check list" for the Cyclone sample mill -- Rev 1.
Many changes and additions are expected.

Chamber Assembly Checks

Spring assembly shoulder bolts tight!
Micro Switch secure and wires attached.
Idler pulley and spring and retainer clip installed.

Items in chamber before motor is placed on motor ring..

Micro switch works with cover.
Wavey washers and retainer clicks installed on drive bearing assembly.
Drive Belts installed

Before base is installed on to motor

Start Capacitor installed and connected.
Motor housing ground wires placed.
wire nuts are tied in-place and secure!!
Rubber donut installed into motor plate. 5 each wires feed though it.
Motor fan installed and ring clip in-place.
Motor can trimmed and placed so wires are not in danger of shearing.

Mll Base Reminder List

Feet includes Washers
breaker in-place
Switch plate in place on - out.
Base trimmed so that motor can will fit well on to it.

After base is installed and secured

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